Turismo Ruedas de la Patagonia
a is a family business.

We deliver a quality and personalized service to our passengers, who are looked after by the owners themselves.

It is important for us to create a family atmosphere both during the stay in the Cabins as in the excursions to the Glacier O’Higgins in our new boat.

In addition, we help our passengers giving them information about services and complementary touristic activities of the area.

It should be noted that Turismo Ruedas de la Patagonia attends  to passengers and tourists of all ages.


Here you will find some comments written by our guest.

Holà Capitano Marcus,

disculpo la pobre calidad de mi castillano, pero pienso que no esta tanto importante.

Fue un dia inolbidable !
Muchas gracias a usted, a su hijo Carlos a l'otra persona de su tribulacion y, mas importante, a su esposa por la comida !

Una vez que sera de nuevo en Belgica, me voy a escribir a dos guyas fanceses para informarles de su actividad y de sus calidades y profesionalismo.


Wheels of the Patagonia

Be very welcome to our Web Site.
Here you will find all the necessary information to know us, contact us and program your best vacation in Villa O’Higgins, Province of the glaciers in our beautiful Chilean Patagonia.

Villa O'Higgins.

From Villa O'Higgins you can Access to many destinations of the Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia.
- Glaciers
- Volcanos
- Trekking paths
- Among others.


Ruedas de la Patagonia, is located in:
Alley P. Antonio Ronchi Lot 28,
Villa O'Higgins.
Aysén Region (XI), Chile
Cell Phone:+569 7604 2400 +569 6627 8836
WhatsApp: +56976042400 +56966278836
E-mail : contacto@turismoruedasdelapatagonia.cl
E-mail : turismoruedasdelapatagonia@gmail.com

Villa O'Higgins' Maps