One of the typical culinary delights of the area is the famous “Lamb Roast on the Stick*” or also named “The Patagonian Roast”. Experience you cannot miss on your next visit to Villa O'Higgins.

"Make the fire with dry lenga, ñire or coigüe wood.
The lamb (or other piece of meat chosen) must be firstly marinated with salt and then passed through the stick (roasting spit or metal cross)
Once there is enough fire, bury the spit in the ground, at about 80 centimeters away from the fire, thus the meat will roast slowly.
When the meat is already browned, turn it and sprinkle it with Chimichurri sauce (garlic, oregano, pepper, rosemary and salt) in this way the meat will not dry out.
Leave the meat broiling for approximately four hours or until it is well done.
And…Enjoy this Lamb Roast in the purest Patagonian style!”

Marcus and Angelica

Wheels of the Patagonia

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Villa O'Higgins.

From Villa O'Higgins you can Access to many destinations of the Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia.
- Glaciers
- Volcanos
- Trekking paths
- Among others.


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