Boat “CAMPITO” (Turismo Ruedas de la Patagonia’s) informs its route from Puerto Bahamonde to Puerto Candelario Mansilla, half a route towards "El Chaltén", Argetina.

If you are a cyclist, backpacker, trekking enthusiast or an adventurous explorer, we offer you our transport service to navigate through the O'higgins Lake. It is a safe and expeditious trip from Puerto Bahamonde to Candelario Mansilla, with option of approaching in a mini bus from Villa O’Higgins.

- Mini Bus from Villa O'Higgins to Puerto Bahamonde
(7 Kms)
It leaves from Turismo Ruedas de la Patagonia’s office, alley P. Antonio Ronchi, lot 28, Villa O’Higgins.
- Puerto Bahamonde to Candelario Mansilla route.
This crossing to Puerto Mansilla is made by the beautiful O’Higgins Lake, full of austral and mountainous landscapes where you can admire the spectacular flora and fauna while you sail.
- This route is the beginning so that you continue in expedition to El Chaltén, Argentina.
- Estimated travel time 1.5 hours with favorable weather conditions.

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